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Website Maintenance

Your website needs to have engaging content. that's updated regularly in order for your website to rank well in Google and other search engines.

The quickest way of increasing your online presence in search engines is to regularly change and update content on your site. By not updating content regularly, you are giving your competitors the power to take over organic local search results, which is where a good deal of your NEW website traffic should be coming from.

Although our sites are CMS managed platforms enabling easy updates, WebsiteWise recognise that maintaining a website with updated content and images is a big task for many business owners. That's why we offer our clients ongoing website maintenance services as and when needed.

Our website maintenance services include:

  • half an hour of FREE website updates every month, or six hours yearly, which ever comes first. Updates are then charged at a rate of $125 an hour. But having said that, we don't follow the practice of working for 35 minutes and charging you for an hour, we often do many hours more than what is charged for.
  • uploading additional event notifications, updating service and product content, adding sales promotions, photo gallery image updates, individual project updates, new testimonials & client reviews, additional email set ups, creating Newsletter and SMS marketing campaigns, creating video galleries, as well as creating regular monthly Blog posts.
  • customising your social media pages and offering ongoing post updates as and when needed.
  • managing all existing and new Domain Name registrations for our clients.

Our clients know we are just a call or email away to assist with anything they may need and this sets us apart from our competitors. Service issues are solved on the spot and website maintenance usually completed within 24 hours.

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