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E-Mail Scam Warning

Have you received emails from companys claiming to be ANZ, Comm Bank, Paypal, System Administration and even The Australian Tax Office? These scams have been circulating for 12 months & we continue to receive notification regarding letters & emails being sent to our clients.

The latest email scam is coming to email In-boxes from a company in the US.  

The email appears as a legitimate 'System Administration' notification and states that there is congestion in your webmail account and all unused accounts will be shut down within 48 hours. A request is then made for user name, password, password verification, date of birth and country.  The email also appears to have a legitimate webmaster case number.

Please be aware notices requesting renewal and authorisation to transfer the domain registration,  or permission to suspend unused email accounts have not been sent by WebsiteWise.

Any time WebsiteWise send you email communication it will have our official letterhead and will be followed up with a phone call.  Disregard any emails relating to your website or email administration that has not come from WebsiteWise.

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