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Adobe Email Security Update

Ian Campbell - Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Dear WebsiteWise Customers,

In order to better protect your email communications, Adobe have made some changes to the way you can access your email inbox in browser or in an email client. Adobe have now created a dedicated secure domain for email which they plan to restrict to use only SSL/TLS encryption for both incoming and outgoing communication. The new domain will be used to access your email from browser and email client as well.

Starting on April 15, you will no longer be able to continue using the existing email client settings.  Please update your email clients according to the instructions below:

Inbound (Receiving emails)

  • Inbound
  • Inbound Server Type: IMAPS (993) / POP (995)
  • User Name:
  • Connection Security: SSL/TLS
  • Authentication Method: Normal Password

Outbound (Sending emails)

  • Outbound Server: 
  • Outbound Server Type: SMTPS (465)
  • User Name:
  • Connection Security: SSL/TLS
  • Authentication Method: Normal Password

You will also be required to use for accessing your mailbox using a web browser. Please note that site administrators will still be able to use the Admin Console and access their mailbox through Single Sign On as before.


The current mailbox settings will continue to work until April 15, 2016. After this date, you will not be able to send or receive messages using your email client, unless you change your connection settings. Furthermore, will be automatically redirected to the from then on.

We also strongly advise you to change your email password, by logging into webmail (using and browsing to Settings -> Password. There you will be able to set a new password for accessing your mailbox.

WSW Support

As you can appreciate, we have hundreds of clients so can't call each individually to talk them through these updates, so to help manage the change over, please go through the above steps yourself. If of course you get stuck, give us a call & we'll assist in any way we can.

Regards, Ian

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