Google recently improved its algorithm known as Panda. This means websites with high quality content will appear higher in search engine results. SEO puts all the most important information out there where the search engines can find it and determine your rankings. As we all know, the higher you're ranking, the more likely people are to visit your site. Bots are always looking for the ‘latest and greatest’ in terms of new content; the more often you can post new content to your Blog, and update information on your website, the more often the bots will be crawling all over your site and, usually, the higher you will rank!

The very act of changing content on a regular basis, at least several times a week, gives the search engine bots new ‘food for thought.’ The more often they can get new information from your site, the higher you will rise in the all-important rankings. Since Blogging usually lets you, your personality, your viewpoints, and your thoughts come through, they often have a high readership and retention rate, far better than just static, unchanging web text does.

People will come back more often to a website that has a constantly changing Blog than to a site that’s made up strictly of static pages. Those static pages don’t change often, if at all, so the search engine bots have no ‘latest and greatest’ to focus on.

Again, it’s the SEO that often catches the reader's attention in the first place and prompts them to visit your site for the first or the 50th time. It’s the fresh content that the search engine bots want that helps you move up in the rankings, attract more visitors, and start the whole process over again.

An integrated CMS platform

The goal is to have a system that allows you to easily add, edit, or remove content at anytime, from anywhere. More importantly, it's the ability to update your website content without technical experience. You don’t need to be or have the experience of web designers or web developers to manage your website with the right solution. It's important to look for a website solution that includes a CMS platform to make this possible. Do you need a CMS solution for your website that you can manage yourself? Is it a constant drama to not only contact your current website provider, but to get him to update your site? Do you need help writing engaging content for your prospects? Contact us today to discuss our Adobe platform and solutions.