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Jan 14

Shutterstock Design Trends 2019

Posted by Kym Campbell on Monday, January 14, 2019

Let's get 2019 started! Hope you all had a safe and blessed Christmas season, we enjoyed many relaxing, sunny beach days with family here on the gorgeous Mornington Peninsula. 

After much searching I came across this year's design trends on Shutterstock and it's no surprise 80s styling is back given the amount of young girls sporting 'mum' jeans & shorts this summer, (Levi 501s to us oldies LOL). 'Everything old is new again' in the world of fashion and design ;) 

For me, dressmaking and all things fabric have been a life long passion, so I'm excited to see Japanese Kawaii, (popular in fabric design for the last 10 years), has exploded into mainstream visual design.

Follow the link on the image to see more. 

Jan 04

iStock Visual Design Trends

Posted by Kym Campbell on Monday, January 04, 2016

Another New Year has rolled around and we're back on deck - just! Haha! Hope you all had a fantastic break, being in the midst of home renovations meant ours wasn't too relaxing, but still rewarding.

Check out this video from iStock on visual trends for 2016. It has some great tips for using photography and video for your business to help you better engage with your audience.

5 key visual trends from iStock on Vimeo.

Jan 05

iStock Design Trends 2015

Posted by Kym Campbell on Monday, January 05, 2015

Happy New Year 2015 everyone! Hope you all had a relaxing Christmas and New Year break. Can't believe 2014 is over already, but we've hit the ground running for all that the new year has to offer!

One of the first things I love checking out as each year rolls around are current design trends. Some we've already been implementing in our web designs (No. 2 Letterbox Look) & others are great ideas for the year ahead. This video from iStock is 2015's visual design trends in a nutshell.

I'm loving No. 6 Sensory Immersion. Back soon.

2015 Visual Design Trends from iStock on Vimeo.

Jan 06

iStock Visual Design Trends 2014

Posted by Kym Campbell on Monday, January 06, 2014

Happy New Year 2014 everyone! We're back re-energised and excited for what this year has to offer both professionally and personally. We have much in store this year!

We found this great infographic by iStock Images on visual trends for 2014 and thought you might be interested in seeing it too. On a creative level, I love trend No. 10 Handcrafted Vectors! Check it out below.

We'll be back soon with more.

Infographic: 2014 visual trends, November 2013

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