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Website Tips 101 - Changes to Google My Business

Kym Campbell - Wednesday, November 18, 2015

The new Google My Business layout


Well Google™ has done it again...another day, another change. The image above shows how the Google My Business layouts now display the combined listing and map on the left hand side of a Google search, underneath the paid Ad Words at the top. Also, now only 3 business listing results appear for any search, rather than the previous 7 results. It’s a renamed and combined version of Google Places™ and Google+ Local™. This is the fourth name change since April 2010 when it was originally Google Local Business Centre but brings it in line with the recent changes to the Google mobile ranking algorithm.

Benefits of Google My Business:

  • Supported by an App in both the iTunes™ store and Google Play™.
  • Can be operated from a mobile device.
  • Allows for edits and reviews from a mobile device.
  • Allows multiple locations to be serviced via one dashboard.
  • All the old features of photos, videos and maps are all still there. 

It's not really a new product, rather a combination of various features from the previous two products as mentioned above. Still, it can and does generate plenty of free traffic, so make sure your company Google My Business listing is comprehensive and complete and that it contains a clickable link to your website.

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