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Bannon Reblocking

Bannon Reblocking provide professional reblocking and restumping services on the Mornington Peninsula.

What we did

  • Domain Rescue, Emails, Progressive Web Apps, Logo
  • SEO Optimisation, SSL Certification, Copywriting
  • Responsive Web Design

Des Bannon


Thanks for all your help with the domain and website transfer Ian! The new website looks great, couldn't have done it all without you.

Project Scope

Bannon Reblocking came to us for an alternative to their current expensive website and trade listings advertising. The team were paying a fortune in contracts and advertising and were frustrated with the disproportionate lack of service for the price they were paying. They also weren't happy with the focus of the website and the fact that it contained wrong service information and images. Despite paying a fortune the site still wasn't ranking well in search engines due to fluffy copywriting that failed to deliver a specific message. The team requested an easy to navigate website with a focus on the company's 50 years of experience over several generations.

WSW created a new digital logo & a secure, mobile friendly site with targeted quoting calls to action across the site. Company services are displayed in a range of presentation formats using the latest progressive web app functionality that allows information to load instantly & respond quickly on any device, regardless of the network state. The site has SSL Certification, providing a secure connection between Bannon's web server and site visitors' browsers, ensuring higher rankings in search engines. SEO Optimisation was completed for every page, service and image to provide multiple search engine hits and content was tweaked to remove the fluff & obvious English as Second Language errors.

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