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World Safari Xpeditions

World Safari Xpeditions offer a diverse range of safaris around the world.

What we did

  • Web App Development, SEO Optimisation
  • Extensive Video & Photo Galleries, CRM System
  • Responsive Web Design

Ian Head


Project Scope

World Safari Xpeditions already had a popular website, but their web developer had passed away, so content updates and website access had come to a standstill. They were introduced to the WSW web platform that allowed them to maintain all aspects of their website themselves, including generate online safari quotes, showcase their worldwide safaris, share recent expeditions with their audience and make site updates. This was a huge benefit in terms of gaining control of all aspects of the business for future growth and success. WSW developed a custom responsive design integrating the latest web app functionality to allow site visitors an easy navigation experience on all PC, tablet and mobile sizes.

  • WSX team can update safari information, photo galleries, blog & media uploads easily and often using the WSW CMS platform.
  • Captures all client information using the CRM system.
  • Leverages email campaigns for marketing to specified prospects and clients.
  • Extensive video and photo galleries throughout the site to showcase their safari's.
  • Social media integration.

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